Financial Basics

In this foundational course, get familiar with the basics of bookkeeping. 

Your Bookkeeping Basics Manual

What is Bookkeeping?

Let’s talk about what is necessary to track the finances in your business, where to start, what tools are available, and the terminology you should understand to get started.

Balance Sheet

Understand the importance of having a Balance Sheet, the various types of accounts that are reported on a Balance Sheet, and the difference between a Balance Sheet and other reports.

Income Statement

Get to know the Income Statement: what it is, what components go into it and which do not, and the importance of understanding the range of dates captured in your income statement.

Putting it all together

Gain a clear understanding of the importance of maintaining your bookkeeping and be able to quickly identify areas that could lead to inaccurate information.

Blast off to Profit First Success

We created this course to help you strongly grasp the foundational basics of Profit First.

Your Profit FirstRocket Launch Plan

Behavioral Basics

Discover how behavior factors into running your business, where your focus should be, and how profit is factored into each transaction.


Find out why it's important to establish a rhythm in your business. Learn what 10/25 is and how rhythm days can help you be proactive.

Small Plates

Understand why money should be transferred into the bank account before spending money in your business, the foundational bank accounts, and why they should NOT be at the same bank.

Destroying Debt

Understand the danger of being in debt, how to institute a debt freeze in your business, and how to start a debt snowball


Learn why sequence matters in all thing, how sequencing can affect your mindset, and what to do if your OpEx is low or doesn’t have enough money.


Understand how Profit First addresses temptation and how you can keep it from wrecking your business's precious resources.


Get clear on the two things that make the greatest difference in succeeding with Profit First and find an accountability partner.

Where do we go from here?

Don't wait until you are profitable or out of debt. TODAY is the day you begin turning things around for your business.

Profit First Bank Accounts

We created this course to help you strongly grasp the foundational basics of Profit First.

Your Profit First Setup Guide

Income Account


Materials & Subs


Owner's Pay


Goals & Debt

Seasonality & Drip Accounts