Your road to profitability

Ready to implement Profit First the right way? These on-demand courses were created for business owners like you.


Financial Basics

In this foundational course, get familiar with the basics of bookkeeping. We’ll cover the basic terminology and tools available for bookkeeping. We’ll dive into the specifics of your business's two most important financial statements and how to put it all together. 


Rocket Launch

Ready to blast off with Profit First? Lay the foundation with this game-changing course. You'll gain an in-depth understanding of each of the core Profit First concepts and how to apply them in your business. Get ready for permanent profitability!


Profit First Bank Accounts

One of the first things you need to do when you begin implementing Profit First is to set up your bank accounts - but for many business owners this step is intimidating. This course walks you through the accounts you need to set up and what goes in each.


What will sink your ship

There are a few common issues business encounter that often end up being the reason they close their doors. In this course, we’ll dive into four of the main business woes that can “sink your ship”. You’ll learn what the pitfalls are, how many business owners fall into them, and what you can do now to avoid them and keep your business afloat long-term.


The Nitty Gritty of Operating Expenses

Gain a full understanding of your Operating Expenses, starting with how to organize your Chart of Accounts. Learn to calculate and analyze your spending, and make some difficult decisions. We’ll dive into more detailed topics including overhead and principal portion of debt vs. interest and leave you with some best practices.