Providing the support your clients need to implement Profit First


Instructional workshops to catapult your clients' businesses forward, empower them as cutting-edge entrepreneurs and increase their profitability by mastering Profit First.

Support your clients as they take the first step toward a different future.

On-demand courses from a team of Certified Profit First Professionals.

You know Profit First is life-changing. 
But getting started can be intimidating.

Whether your client has read the book or heard about Profit First from a trusted friend or a resource, you're excited that they're taking the next step in learning more. You know they're at the start of something big!

But getting started can be difficult.

We know that educating a new client about Profit First can be time-consuming.

Your client might know their business very well, but not how to run a business.

They might be feeling embarrassed or worried.

Maybe they've been thinking about it for so long, but they just haven't taken that step.

Having access to materials created specifically to help a business owner understand Profit First can save you time, money, and headaches.

That's why we created Profit Academy Plus -  just for people like you and your clients.

We welcome you to find out how Profit Academy Plus can help you make Profit First implementation easier for you and your clients.

What your clients will get out of our courses

  • Finally get started with the changes they've been envisioning for their business
  • Fill gaps in their knowledge base
  • Feel confident in what they're doing
  • Gain the ability to go forward and successfully implement Profit First in the business
  • Learn strategies to alleviate their cash flow issues
  • Figure out how to start paying themselves while still growing the business

The courses


Rocket Launch


Ready for takeoff? This program gives you the foundational knowledge you need to successfully implement Profit First in your business.

Finance Basics


In this introductory program, you'll learn the basics of bookkeeping, the balance sheet, your income statement, and how to put it all together.


The Nitty Gritty of
Operating Expenses


Gain a full understanding of your Operating Expenses. Learn to calculate and analyze your spending, and make some difficult decisions. We’ll dive into overhead, principal portion of debt vs. interest, and best practices.

What will sink your ship?


We dive into four of the main business woes that can “sink your ship”. You’ll learn what the pitfalls are, how many business owners fall into them, and what you can do now to avoid them and keep your business afloat long-term.

Bank Accounts

Profit First Bank Accounts


One of the first things you need to do when you begin implementing Profit First is to set up your bank accounts - but for many business owners, this step is intimidating. This course walks you through the accounts you need to set up and what goes into each.

Instant access to 30+

Worksheets, checklists, and bonus resources to guide your client through the courses 

Meet the Creators

Meet the team who created Profit Plus Academy. Together we bring 122 years of experience to the table, and we're all passionate about helping business owners succeed.


Wade Carpenter

Carpenter & Company, CPAs

Wade has over 30 years of experience in public accounting, working with contractors from small companies to multi-billion dollar international firms.


Alicia Osthus

AO Financial

As a CPA , Business Coach and Certified Profit First Professional, Alicia works with clients to implement a cash flow system that ensures they are taking their Profit First.

Michelle Scribner

Michelle Scribner

Sum of all Numbers

Certified Mastery Level Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Fix This Next Strategist, Cash Flow Management & Business Coach

Diane headshot

Diane Gardner

Profit Coach 4 You

Diane is a Profit First Mastery Level Professional, an accountant and Certified Tax Strategist, as well as being the author of sixteen books.

40+ On-Demand Videos

Join and your clients can dive in and start to level up their cash flow - right now!


The Profit First Rocket Launch Plan

Behavioral Basics

Discover how behavior factors into running your business, where your focus should be, and how profit is factored into each transaction.


Find out why it's important to establish a rhythm in your business. Learn what 10/25 is and how rhythm days can help you be proactive.

Small Plates

Understand why money should be transferred into the bank account before spending money in your business, the foundational bank accounts, and why they should NOT be at the same bank.

Destroying Debt

Understand the danger of being in debt, how to institute a debt freeze in your business, and how to start a debt snowball


Learn why sequence matters in all thing, how sequencing can affect your mindset, and what to do if your OpEx is low or doesn’t have enough money.


Understand how Profit First addresses temptation and how you can keep it from wrecking your business's precious resources.


Get clear on the two things that make the greatest difference in succeeding with Profit First and find an accountability partner.

Where do we go from here?

Don't wait until you are profitable or out of debt. TODAY is the day you begin turning things around for your business.


We've got more courses in the works, based on feedback and requests from business owners like you. Make sure you're on our mailing list to be the first to know once the doors open for these brand new courses!

Answering your Profit First Questions

Four Mastery Level Profit First Professionals address the most common questions and pain points they've seen business owners ask and experience during their combined 122 years of experience.

Are my money problems because of me?

Are you making sales, but consistently coming up short when bills are due and wondering where all that money went? Your financial habits could be the cause. We address money, behavior, temptation, and how Profit First helps us avoid temptation.

Hire your next employee the Profit First way

Regardless of the current size of your business, bringing on an employee is not a minor decision. We'll answer crucial hiring questions and cover sound business principles that you can depend upon and apply to your unique situation.

Head Into Tax Season with Confidence

We'll cover the cost of inaction when it comes to taxes, explain why you owe taxes but have no money left in the bank, and teach you how to get clear on how much you're making, how much you owe, and whether you're setting aside enough.

Cash Flow Clarity

You need to get a handle on your cash flow so you can focus on growing your business. In this course, we'll share practical techniques to manage cash flow, eliminate financial stress, and build a healthy financial cushion.

The 7 Stages of Small-Business Success

This course breaks down and guides you through the concepts in the best-selling book. It's a roadmap for any entrepreneur to reach his or her ultimate destination, without feeling like you're at the mercy of the economy. Take back control right now!

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